Abstract Floral Nails


Just something I came up with a a few weeks ago that I wanted to share. I used My Vampire is Buff (OPI), Eurso Euro (OPI), Jade is the New Black (OPI) and Mint Candy Apple (Essie) to create this looking. Believe it not, you can actually do this with just a toothpick. The trick is not to be a perfectionist and let the polish do its thing. 

Hope you like it!

November 2013 Ipsy Products and Review


Et voila, the November Ipsy bag. So many products so we'll get right to it!

Be a ... Bombshell Lip Crayon in Shameless
Gimme a lip product any day. Any day. Can I also say that I loved the blush that we got from ipsy a few months back but for some reason they don't ship to Canada. Cue sad-face.

Full Size: $14

 Starlooks Gem Eye Pencil in Amethyst
The pigmentation on this is actually really good and I love that it glides on super smoothly. My favourite part is that it's a great versatile colour. 

Full Size: $14

Pixi Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched
It's a lighter bronzer than I would have imagine but quite buildable. Will be super used since my (non-existent) tan is fading. 

Full Size: $15
Sample Size: $4.75 (3.2g)

HSI Professional Argan Oil Leave-In Treatment
 I'm excited to use this! The cold weather really takes a toll on my hair so I've been using more and more Moroccan Oil but I am always looking for alternatives. 

Full Size: $29.99 (2oz)
Sample Size: $2.50 (5mL)

Nailtini in Caviar Cocktail
 More polish. Always. Any day. 

Full Size: $13

Em Michelle Phan Lip Gallery Creamy Colour Lipstick
 I actually haven't tested it yet but the colour looks quite lovely and I have quite high expectations for this product.

Full Size: $16.50

Boy, Ipsy is just... so good at making me feel good. Colours were great choices, I was eye-ing the waterliner but I'm pretty happy with the Em lipstick and there were SO many products. Record breaker. Loved this month's bag!

November 2013 Givenchy Prive Topbox


Phew, it's been a while but here it is, the Givenchy Prive Topbox for November. 
Honestly, I have to say that no one does packaging like Givenchy. There's just something about a really well put together set that just makes me melt on the inside as I eagerly dig into my box.

Dahlia Noir Couture Mascara 
I've probably said this before but usually I'm a scent-free girl thanks to my allergy prone nose but that absolutely does not mean that I do not appreciate a beautiful perfume bottle. I did try a little bit on my wrist and it is actually a very sensual scent. Love it even if I don't wear it too often. 

Full size: $80 (50mL)
Sample Size: $8 (5mL)

Le Rouge Lipstick in 103 Brun Createur  
What a luxurious lipstick. It melts into my lips, dries matte and wonderfully complements my skin tone for the fall. Kisses. Because it's lovely. 

Full size: $38 (3.4g)
Sample Size: $17 (1.5g)

Noir Couture Mascara in Black Satin
This is supposed to be the all-in-one mascara capable of lengthening, thicken, curl and condition. I haven't tried it yet but looks promising. Not to mention how chic the mascara is. I'd probably be happy just to pull it out in front of other people *inner giggles*. 

Full Size: $35 (8g)
Sample Size: $17.5 (4g)

This box also included a perfume sample for men but it wasn't that exciting so I left it out. I am actually so happy I chose the Givenchy Prive Box. Can't wait to start using all of the products... something tells me that they aren't going to last very long before.

November 2013 Topbox Wishlist

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Just a super quick post for the November Topbox wishlist! So many options... wow I can barely choose. Speaking of which, I got the Dermalogica box last month which I love. It so...science-y. Definitely up my alley. 

Back to this month, I think I'm deciding between Givenchy or one of the Bioderma boxes. Or maybe the regular box. So many decisions!

In case you didn't get the email, here's the link to the wishlist and remember to fill it out by October 19!

September 2013 Topbox Wishlist


This month's wishlist is super short so... let's get right into it!


In other words, the regular box will have 4 items, one being a deluxe Chatelaine-selected top pick and their September issue. 

This month they're also giving 100 lucky members to try one of Essie's new samples. *Cue oohs and aahs*. Remember to select yes if you want to be eligible for one of the samples. 


Finally last but not least, the Clinique Prive Box from last month. I head that it was amazing so if you didn't get any of the products, definitely give it a try. 

Unfortunately I already have the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion and Clinique Mascara from another box so I'm gonna pass on it. So basically, this month is just one Prive Box (Clinique) or regular box. 
Me, I'm definitely going for the regular box... what about you? And before I forget, here's the link to create your wishlist!